Replicel's IP

Intellectual Property

RepliCel, like any biotechnology company, creates its value in a three-step process: (1) patent-protecting its innovations, (2) using its innovations to develop commercially-viable products, and (3) proving the worth of these products with successful clinical evidence.

RepliCel has a worldwide patent portfolio (issued and pending) related to its injection technologies as well as the composition of matter, isolation, processing, and fields of use for the two-hair follicle-derived cell populations it is developing into therapeutic products.

Cell Therapy for Chronic Tendinopathy

RepliCel has developed and filed patent applications relating to compositions and methods suitable for the treatment and repair of tendons utilizing non-bulbar dermal sheath cells. RepliCel has also in-licensed a family of patents relating the compositions and uses of dermally derived cells in the treatment of tendons and ligaments.

Cell Therapy Treatment for Androgenetic Alopecia

Patents have been filed on the use of hair follicle derived stem cells (see EP 1 509 597 B1) entitled “Method for isolating hair follicle mesenchymal stem cells”. This family of patents describes methods for isolating stem cells from hair follicles, and the growth and use of these stem cells for the treatment of a variety of medical conditions (including hair loss). Within this portfolio, there are granted patents in Australia (AU 2003246521), Europe (EP1 509 597 B1), the United States (8,431,400) and Japan (2010-274731) which were issued unopposed. Additional related patent applications are also pending in other jurisdictions.

Dermatology Injector Device

RepliCel has also filed patent applications relating to devices for the delivery of therapeutically useful cells, as well as to compositions and methods for repairing tendons. Patent (EP2623146) was granted by the European Patent Office for its injection device technologies. Additional related patent applications are pending in other jurisdictions.

Here is a detailed non-confidential listing of our patent portfolio (as November 2017).

2017-11 Patent Portfolio 2017-11 Patent Portfolio