Investor FAQs

Stock Information

The company’s transfer agent is Computershare.

All registered shareholders will receive written notice.

RepliCel’s year end is December 31.

Quarterly financials are filed 60 days after each quarter. The first quarter is March 31, therefore the financials are filed by May 30th at the latest.

Our common stock ticker symbol is REPCF and our stock trades on the OTCQB. Our common stock ticker symbol is RP and our stock trades on the TSXV Exchange.

A transfer agent keeps records of every outstanding share certificate in a publicly held company, along with the name of the person to whom it is registered. When registered shares change hands, the agent transfers share ownership from the seller to the buyer. A registrar then reconciles all transfer records to make sure the number of shares debited is equal to the number of shares credited.

Please contact our Transfer Agent and notify them of your needs:

510 Burrard Street, Suite 200
Vancouver, British Columbia V6C 3B9
Tel: 1.800.564.6253

You will need to contact a brokerage firm to purchase shares.

You may download electronic copies from the For Investors section of our website under Financials. If you would like us to send you a printed version, please contact us in the Contact section of the website.

You can find out the current stock price of the company on the OTCQB by going to www.otcmarkets.com/stock/REPCF/quote and for the TSXV by going to http://web.tmxmoney.com/quote.php?qm_symbol=rp


You can speak with someone from the company by calling 604-248-8730 or by emailing info@replicel.com. You can also go to the Contact section of our website.

Yes. Please go to the Contact page, provide your email address and designate which types of information you would like to be alerted to including: press releases, presentations, financial reports, SEC Filings and/or audio or video webcasts.